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When you choose SAGE, you get more than great food – you become part of an extensive 烹饪人才网络.

Our chefs trained at the top culinary schools in North America, including the Culinary 美国中央情报局(CIA),约翰逊 & Wales, Le Cordon Bleu, and New England Culinary 研究所. Many of our team members have extensive experience in restaurants, country clubs, 和教育环境. 他们 all have one thing in common: a deep-seated desire to provide 为客户提供卓越的服务.

SAGE每次只发展一个客户. Our success at each venue makes this possible – generating Buzz和正面的推荐. SAGE通过口碑来扩展. 分享你的兴奋并帮助HJC888黄金城 成长!

Our steady, sustained 成长th provides wonderful 职业生涯 opportunities for team members. We are continually adding new positions across North America. HJC888黄金城更喜欢从内部提拔. Nearly half of open management positions are filled by 当前SAGE团队成员. Our culture prizes the training and cultivation of in-house talent.

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地区经理 focus quality time on the few clients they serve.

SAGE's 地区经理 oversee no more than ten accounts. 他们至少访问每个帐户 twice a month to spend quality time with the community. HJC888黄金城的大部分地区经理都是这样 trained professional chefs with years of culinary training. 你会看到他们穿着厨师服 and work in the kitchen alongside the rest of the team.

When you need additional resources for your community, the Culinary Support Team (CST) is 准备好应付这个场合了. This group of specially-trained mobile chefs and managers are prepared to work at any SAGE location for extended periods of time.


Our Home Office – SAGE House – is located just north of Baltimore, Maryland. HJC888黄金城提供的幕后 support for our culinary teams across North America. Our dedicated professionals include registered 营养师, 会计师, 软件工程师, 人力资源专业人士, 图形艺术家, 采购 specialists, recruiters, attorneys, and executive chefs.

HJC888黄金城还有营养师, 采购专家, 销售主管, 区域经理遍布各地 North America, ready to respond to any client need.

This extraordinary team provides the innovative, cost-effective resources that serve as the foundation for 独特的用餐体验.

这是一个 职业生涯

We firmly believe that a team of great people in the right environment can do 任何东西. HJC888黄金城雇佣 based on current skills and long-term potential. Most entry-level positions require nothing more than flexibility, reliability, a strong work ethic and a willingness to learn.

We expect our chefs to write custom menus and cook from scratch
Since all menu items are prepared from scratch using tested recipes, SAGE seeks individuals who enjoy following recipes to the letter, ensuring that meals taste 令人惊叹,看起来很漂亮. SAGE Team Members pride themselves on incredible customer 服务.

HJC888黄金城队玩得很开心, 具有挑战性的, 道德的工作环境, with genuine opportunities for personal and professional 成长th.

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The hallmark of a true food 服务 professional is a safe kitchen.

All of our programs meet the Federal 食物 Code. HJC888黄金城从HACCP开始, the industry standard for understanding the critical control points in 食品处理. We document all of our production activities, maintaining HJC888黄金城提供的每一项服务的详细记录. HJC888黄金城的场地得到了特别的认可 HJC888黄金城服务的每个州的考试成绩.

Every SAGE manager has ServSafe® certification.

We take food safety seriously so you have one less thing to worry about.


SAGE's experienced managers, 地区经理, and Culinary Support Team members take the time to work with individual Team Members to show them the ropes and help them develop their 技能,变得更有成就.


Before the start of every meal 服务, the team gathers to learn about the 将提供的食物. Meeting topics include the menu, portion sizes, cooking methods, allergens, ingredients, and more.


用5 embodies SAGE’s commitment to continuous self-improvement 为HJC888黄金城团队的每一个成员. These short 5-minute training modules cover a broad array of subjects, including 食物 Safety (HACCP), Allergen Awareness, 团队合作,和福利. Every Team takes 5 minutes every day to cover one short topic.


Team Members have the opportunity to assist at catered events in nearby venues. 他们 work with different culinary teams and learn new ways to stage formal events. Each occasion is a training experience that will adds depth and variety to any 投资组合的技能.


New 经理培训 and Sophomore Seminar bring recent hires together to learn about SAGE的内部工作. New employees have the opportunity to meet colleagues from across North America and spend quality time with our leadership team.

In addition, every SAGE manager attends our annual 研究所 to learn about the latest culinary trends, new marketing and technology innovations, and our company's 成长th.

Every new manager is paired with a "Freshman Advisor.“这位资深同事是一位导师, providing guidance and answering questions as they arise.

地区经理 host meetings for their management teams each spring and fall. 他们 discuss a variety of topics, including new local vendors, cooking techniques, budgets 和SAGE项目倡议. DMs also meet three times annually with company leadership to discuss the progress of their accounts, SAGE programs and upcoming initiatives.





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